• Minor spoilers follow.

    Arrested Development star Jeffrey Tambor's new Amazon pilot Transparent has been available on for a couple of days and I gave it a watch yesterday. It's pretty good and definitely has the potential to be an entertaining series. I won't provide a full criticsm but will say that it's as if Arrested Development were directed by Noah Baumbach. 

    Watch Transparent on Amazon

    Transparent on IMDb

    The funniest connection to AD isn't that Tambor plays patriarch to squabling siblings, but that his character Mort has decided to live out the rest of his life as a woman. 

    Jeffrey Tambor Transparent

    Look familiar? That's because Tambor's George Bluth made the same decision in the Season Four episode "Double Crossers":

    4x06 Double Crossers (86)

    And we shouldn't forget all the times George wore Tracey Bluth's clothes in the attic in "Sad Sack":

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