• I was rewatching Season 4 and I noticed that one of the members of the Jade Dragon Triad is a man in drag called "Mrs Oh".

    Anybody else think that this could be Hel-Oh, trying again to take revenge on the Bluth family?

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    • Good catch on Mrs. Oh's name — I missed that myself. The actor playing her is MADtv's Bobby Lee but it's impossible to tell if the character is supposed to be a man crossdressing, or the joke is it's obviously a male actor crossdressing (similar to Mrs. Whitehead.)

      4x10 Queen B. (06)

      The timeline could add up. Annyong was arrested in "Red Hairing" and the editing implies it is 2012, but if it were earlier he could have been put into Lucille's prison in some way... but this is a very long shot.

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