• Hey Arrested Development Wiki!

    One of our current projects is to look into updating the page header area - that is, the area which currently contains the wordmark, local navigation and contribute button.

    We want to make sure the page header area is as useful as it can be - both for the newbie who has never visited your wiki before and for the experienced editors. We're also keen on making the mobile and desktop experience feel a bit more connected.

    We've been spending some time looking into what improvements could be made, and you can read much more about our research and findings on this Community Central forum post.

    A test concept

    As a result of this research, we've come up with a potential concept for how the page header could look:

    Though the layout is somewhat different, it retains much of the existing content - the wordmark, navigation and contribution options.

    We think placing the wordmark top and center will help emphasise your wiki's identity, while the reorganised links should make it easier for a newbie to get to know your wiki. In particular, while the main links are hidden initially, you can quickly browse a wide overview of the wiki's content by clicking 'Read'.

    As an initial test concept, it is not a final design (indeed, work is still ongoing on this concept right now) and it is subject to significant changes. We could end up going in a very different direction, as other concepts are being explored.

    We're planning to test out this concept on the AD Wiki over the holiday break to get feedback on the concept and to obtain data on how it's used. No changes are needed, and it's very simple for us to switch on and off.

    Thanks for reading, and feel free to let us know your thoughts!

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    • I honestly prefer the bar that we have right. I think the new design that you're thinking over impletementing is just covering the wiki pages with menus. The concept is good, I just think it needs to be exceuted better.

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    • Thanks for the feedback - this design is something we are likely to iterate on (or potentially discard entirely).

      I'm intrigued that you feel it's covering pages with menus - while the menus are certainly larger when open, in its 'natural' state this concept design is rather more minimal.

      Do you have any thoughts on tweaks that could improve this particular design in your eyes?

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    • I think it should be wider, maybe go across the whole page?

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    • Hello! We’ve now enabled the test concept on your wiki, which all visitors will see. The changes may take up to 24 hours to be visible to all users.

      There are a few known issues to be aware of:

      • The random page button is not currently present in this test concept - feel free to add it to your navigation links.
      • Existing limits to navigation still apply (e.g. 4 level one headings, 7 level two headings).

      If you have any feedback, please do let us know below or via Special:Contact/feedback!

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    • @ShireenAD: when you say wider, have you any particular thoughts on how? For example: show more dropdown headings, or split the dropdowns to either side of the wordmark on large screens? Or another style?

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    • Sorry for the late reply, I've been working on another Wiki. 

      I have to say that going away and looking at it now I can see that it works and I do like the design, I just think that the navigation bar is a bit too small in length.

      Is there anyway you could put the Wiki links in another bar underneath the create, discuess and search tabs?

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    • I think at that point we might become concerned about pushing the page content down too much, as it's already a bit lower than on the normal page header.

      However - just theorising here - I suppose if the other links moved to either side of the wordmark, the 'Read' headings could take the place of the existing links. I'm not sure if that would look great though.

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    • That was my concern as well, that the page content was getting pushed out by the navigation.

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    • Hi! Later this week we will be retiring this test concept, meaning it will be removed from all wikis where it is currently displayed - afterwards, the page header will return to the standard layout.

      For more info about the test results and our future plans, check out this Community Central forum post.

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    • Good to hear. Getting to 'Wiki Activity' was kind of obnoxious, even if I was partially guilty of this test design. 😆

      AD wiki is happy to test further concepts in the future, George. Keep fighting the good fight.

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    • Wunderbar! :) It'll be retired at 2300 UTC today FYI.

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