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2x06 Afternoon Delight (10)

Tom is a Bluth Company employee
Actor: Tom Saunders — First Appearance: "Afternoon Delight"

Tom is a Bluth Company employee.

Character history

Season two

At a previous Bluth Company Christmas party, Tom reluctantly roasted George and was fired. Tom was rehired by Michael and at the next Christmas party G.O.B. made Tom toast him as the new president. Tom tried to say nice things but the rest of the staff laughed at G.O.B. who became infuriated and fired Tom and the rest of the staff. Michael then threw another Christmas party at the banana stand to assure everyone that they were not fired. ("Afternoon Delight")

Season four

Tom moves into the finished Sudden Valley housing estate, mostly populated by registered sex offenders. He is forced to move out after Rebel Alley's son Lem goes swimming in the pool, after visiting George Maharis.

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