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Untitled Michael B. Project
Appearances: "The B. Team", ...

The Untitled Michael B. Project is the working title of the movie produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer of Imagine Entertainment about the California real estate market collapse told through the personal story of Michael Bluth.


Ron Howard got the idea to use Michael Bluth as the central figure after seeing his article in an issue of Altitude. He wanted to make it a father-son story and show the heartache of Michael's wife's death. Michael assumed the father-son story was that of him and his father, but Ron wanted to tell the story of him and George Michael. ("The B. Team")

Michael needed to get the rights to his family so he approached Carl Weathers to buy the rights he had for Scandalmakers, but Carl never acquired them. He then was cast to portray himself in the film. Michael hired Stefan Gentles to be the screenwriter and Andy Richter to portray his father. ("The B. Team")

Michael proceeded to get everyone's signature but rips most of them up in anger. He never asked for or got George Michael's signature. In the end only Buster's signature remains intact; a fact that Brian Grazer and Ron Howard find out when Buster is arrested as a suspect for the murder of Lucille Austero and proceed to celebrate, as the murder mystery story could potentially be "the next Da Vinci Code." ("Blockheads")