4x12 Señoritis body outline

Who killed Lucille 2?
Appearances: Season Four: "Double Crossers", "Queen B.", "Señoritis", "Off the Hook", "Blockheads"

Season Four is a buildup to the murder mystery of Season Five which will focus on the question: Who killed Lucille 2?

The crime

4x10 Queen B. (95)

Lucille 2's blood, as first seen in "Queen B."

After the blowback of the Mongolian horde at Cinco de Cuatro, Lucille Austero's body is seen at the bottom of the stair car on blood splashes. ("Queen B.") Her body then disappears. Buster witnesses this, and touches the blood on the stair car. ("Off the Hook")

No evidence actually exists that she's dead, aside from the "blood" found on the bottom of her Austero Bluth Company stair car. The police question George Bluth about her 'disappearance' ("Double Crossers") but later arrest Buster for her 'murder'. ("Blockheads")

Possible suicide

Lucille Austero's chronic vertigo caused her to fall down countless times, so this tumble could have been an accident. Or, she could have faked her death to get out of a debt. She owned the Austero Bluth Company during the 2007 real estate market crisis and could have been in deep debt.

Bluth Family suspects

Buster — Drunk on Donkey Punch, Buster was aggressive enough to knock Herbert Love into a coma. Although he seemed surprised to see the blood on the stair car, he doesn't often drink alcohol and could have been operating in a blackout. He leaves his fingerprints in the blood and is later arrested by the police for her murder, while living in her penthouse. ("Off the Hook") ("Blockheads")

4x14 Off the Hook (128)

Michael — Michael borrowed $700,000 from Lucille 2 in May 2008 to keep the Michael B. Company afloat during the real estate crisis. ("Flight of the Phoenix") Argyle called in the debt so he and Tobias could put on Fantastic 4: An Action Musical. ("Smashed") Michael attempted to seduce Lucille 2 in order to get an extension on the loan but she rejected his advances. ("Blockheads") Michael later returns to the model home late on the night of Cinco wearing a yellow banana stand shirt and deeply ashamed of something. G.O.B. forces him to take a Forget-Me-Now and he forgets what happened. ("A New Attitude")

4x01 Flight of the Phoenix (019)

Lucille Bluth — The Lucilles had a long time feud that led Lucille Bluth to turn the RMS Queen Mary around to insult Lucille Austero, causing the seaward matriarch to capsize. Lucille Austero was the only one present at Lucille Bluth's trial and her testimony did not paint Lucille Bluth, who was ultimately sent to prison for 3–5 years, in a good light. Although Tobias helped Lucille Bluth have a breakthrough during her therapy at Austerity, Lucille said she wanted to "pay Lucille [Austero] back", which could have been a threat. Oscar had also been 'stolen' by Lucille Austero, deeply angering Lucille. ("Queen B.")

4x10 Queen B. (32)

TobiasArgyle and Tobias borrowed $700,000 to fund the horrible Fantastic 4: An Action Musical. On the night of the performance at Cinco de Cuatro Lucille 2 found DeBrie, a patient of Austerity in a pile of garbage and threatened to send Tobias, charged with being a child predator, back to prison. ("Smashed")

4x09 Smashed (87)

George — George was a proponent for building the wall between the US and Mexico, hoping it would make him a lot of money. He even went to so far to bribe Herbert Love $50,000 to support the wall, a political position Lucille 2 opposed during her own Congressional run. ("Double Crossers")

4x06 Double Crossers (21)

Lindsay — Lucille 2 betrayed Lindsay by using pictures of Lindsay and Herbert Love in compromising situations to her political advantage and chose Sally Sitwell to be her campaign manager. Lindsay then took Herbert's place as Republican candidate against Lucille 2 in the congressional run. ("Red Hairing")

4x08 Red Hairing (222)

G.O.B. / Mongolian Horde — G.O.B. owed money to the Mongol horde and either could have attempted to retrieve it from Lucille 2, the owner of the Austero Bluth Company. ("Blockheads")

4x15 Blockheads (092)

Maeby — Maeby borrowed a large sum of money from Lucille 2 to found Fakeblock. Lucille 2 also saw Maeby and her adopted son Perfecto together in bed, an act which eventually got Maeby arrested for being a child predator. ("Señoritis")

4x12 Señoritis (004)

George Michael — Maeby borrowed a large sum of money to found Fakeblock, a software company built on a fleeting lie. ("Blockheads")

4x15 Blockheads (108)

Oscar — Oscar was privy to his twin brother's plans for the US/Mexico wall and became Lucille Austero's lover. He was tired of being wronged by his brother and was dumped by Lucille Bluth on the night of Cinco de Cuatro. He could have assisted Lucille Austero in her escape to prove his devotion to her, or could have murdered her to prove his devotion to her rival Lucille Bluth. George's sudden desire to become a woman may be part of this plan.

4x04 The B. Team (050)

Other suspects

  • Steve Holt — He would do anything to impress his absentee father, G.O.B.  Is it merely a coincidence that he and his father are both exterminators?  (Although G.O.B. never shows up to help Steve with the extermination business, he often, albeit accidentally, kills rabbits, mice, and doves.)
  • Sally Sitwell / Tony Wonder — Sally stole $100,000 from Lucille 2's campaign to fund Tony's gay magician transformation. ("A New Attitude") Sally takes Lucille 2's spot on the Democratic ticket when she goes missing, and seems to display no sadness at her disappearance. ("Señoritis")
  • Herbert Love / David — Lucille Bluth paid Gene Parmesan to photograph Herbert Love with his mistress to get him to oppose the wall. The photos were given to Ophelia Love and stolen by Buster who gave them to Lucille 2 who planned to use them to her political advantage against Love. David, Love's campaign manager had just as much to lose as Love. ("Red Hairing")

Other evidence

  • A man in a Blendin maintenance outfit is seen outside of Lucille 2's penthouse. Blendin is a cover company used by the CIA, and could have been surveying Lucille 2. ("Off the Hook")
  • Lucille begins grooming G.O.B. to be president of the Bluth Company "should anything happen to Lucille 2" a month before Cinco. ("Borderline Personalities")
  • Gene Parmesan works for Lucille Bluth, and is seen buying a knife a few days before Cinco. He works at the Chicken Dan's tent at Cinco in disguise. ("A New Attitude") ("Señoritis")
  • Barry Zuckerkorn bought a step ladder for cash and insisted on using no identification during the sale. This may be related to his trespassing into the high school girls' locker room or may have been related to Lucille's disappearance. ("Double Crossers")

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