Members of the Bluth family like to wink dramatically to emphasize points they're making. Michael Bluth (moreover Jason Bateman) is an accomplished winker and winks many times as a comedic technique.

  Narrator: She mistook the “drowsy eye” alcohol warning for a “winking-eye” alcohol suggestion.
From "Spring Breakout"


1x01 Pilot (23)
  • Lucille winks at Michael. ("Pilot")

1x21 Not Without My Daughter (08)

2x01 The One Where Michael Leaves (059)

2x01 The One Where Michael Leaves (060)

2x06 Afternoon Delight (15)

2x08 Queen for a Day (47)

2x16 Meat the Veals (56)

2x17 Spring Breakout (08)
  • Lucille mistakes the drowsy-eye alcohol warning for a "winking eye" alcohol suggestion. ("Spring Breakout")

2x17 Spring Breakout (10)

2x17 Spring Breakout (57)

2x18 Righteous Brothers (34)

3x03 Forget-Me-Now (08)

3x06 The Ocean Walker (14)

3x06 The Ocean Walker (35)

3x09 S.O.B.s (26)
  • Michael winks at George. ("S.O.B.s")

3x10 Fakin' It (13)

3x13 Development Arrested (23)

4x10 Queen B. (17)

4x10 Queen B. (59)

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